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~silentsparrow~ running-out-of-room sale

June 21, 2008

~silentsparrow~ running-out-of-room sale

hyasynth says:

It’s that time of year again where i run out of room in the shop! I try to keep my shop from not being so massive, and in order to do so I’ve retired things and shuffled things to the secret sale area.

There are TWO different sale rooms! The items in the Main Shop Sale Room (in the room directly behind the pool) are super-marked-down and on the 24th at midnight SLT will be moved to the Secret Sewer Sale Area. The items currently in the Secret Sewer Sale Area will go away FOREVER on June 24th at midnight SLT.

(The Secret Sewer Sale Area can be reached via the sign in front of my dj board — it’s a teleport. WARNING: this space is small! if your in any way claustraphobic I suggest shopping via camera from another room in the sewers or from the surface)

ALL SETS IN THESE SALES ARE MOD/COPY/NOTRANSFER. Therefore, they are non-returnable&refundable, and sale prices can’t be applied to previous purchases. if you have any questions send me an IM or notecard :)

Shop SLURL here

Love, hya

~silentsparrow~ running-out-of-room sale

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