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Fashion Show: Dolls in the Attic

July 12, 2008

Dolls in the Attic

You are cordially invited to Dolls in the Attic, a fashion show from four darkly elegant designers.

NexCORE presents the work of ~silentsparrow~, Draconic Kiss, Schadenfreude and Calico Ingmann Creations. Built around the theme of dollies, new releases will be unveiled by these four talented designers in a fashion show of epic dollie proportions.

Date: Saturday July 12, 2008 (that’s today!)
Time: 1:30 SLT

hyasynth says:

We have all been busily working away on this and finally it’s time for the show! The after-party will be at ~silentsparrow~ and will also be the debut of the lovely event space built for the the twittery birds by Azazeal Whitfield.


Calico, hyasynth, Allegory and Draconic
[Calico, hyasynth, Allegory and Draconic pose on the set of the show]

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