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She was horribly complex…

July 15, 2008

She was horribly complex...
[Allegory Malaprop (in the Sylvan Suite) and Naomi Nihilist (in the Toxine Suite)]

This week, hyasynth is releasing a bevy of lolita frocks that debuted at the Dolls in the Attic fashion show.

First there is the Toxine Lolita, the matching dress to the Toxine Suit that features the same cogs and sprockets fabric. The dress is bedecked with a sculpted collar with gear brooch detailing, as well as seductive little hot pants. The suite also contains an open risque top and an optional ruffled undershirt for a more demure look. Gear patterned stockings a gear tattoo with a quote from the story which inspired this ensemble complete the set. It is sold in 7 colors including line and a new fog color which is a pretty dusky blue with subtle golden bits, and includes 13 pieces.

Second is the Sylvan Suite, matching lolita frock to the Sylvan Suit. It comes in 11 pieces, criss-crossed with same delicate lacings that adorn the suit. The skirt is an elaborate array of stiff bustled cloth, a perfect pedestal for the smooth, tautly-drawn torso. Pieces include cuffs, a jacket and two layers of the top, sleek bloomers, stockings, gloves, and a gloriously tied jabot.

Keep watching the ~silentsparrow~ blog this week for more new releases!

Available at the ~silentsparrow~ main store and onrez!

Toxine suite

Sylvan suite

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