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Some say prayers

August 20, 2008

New Dominion suit by ~silentsparrow~
[Birdies in the new Dominion suit — thanks to everyone for photographing with us today! Credits to: Merrily Lightfoot, Elusyve Jewell, hyasynth Tiramisu, Sakuradawn Lei, Paisley Dawes, and Alexiel Magnolia for the lovely modeling!]

We serve an old man in a dry season
A lighthouse keeper in the desert sun
Dreamers of sleepers and white treason
We dream of rain and the history of the gun…

Dominion is a long-tailed suit made out of deeply detailed brocade. It has four jacket options plus two more for a short shirt and shirt on jacket layer, prim cuffs and collar and jabot. The graceful tails sweep to the floor to set off taut trousers (in underwear and pants layer options) to make it fourteen pieces in all. It comes in eight colors: violet, sea, ash, kelly, azure, blood, rust, and wine.

Available at the ~silentsparrow~ main shop, and on OnRez.

New Dominion suit by ~silentsparrow~
[Azazeal Whitfield, who was the male model for the suits, snuggling hyasynth]

New Dominion suit by ~silentsparrow~

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