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Luck comes in threes

September 5, 2008

Luck comes in threes
[Thank you to the following lovely ~sparrows~ for joining me in photography: Kishi Bleac, Phire Zuhra, Thisbe Blackadder, Willow Llewellyn, Terry Toland, Crank Magic, Fauve Aeon, Kerryth Tarantal, Violet Voltaire, Jupiter Vale, and Qiphaera Navaranthna]

Luck comes in threes

There are three different, beautifully made prizes in the ~silentsparrow~ lucky chair: the Silvery Sylvan Suit, the Rosey Caged Bird Lolita, and the Minty Caged Bird Jacket. The prize for each letter is completely random!

hyasynth asks that we do not call Lucky Chair letters into the ~silentsparrow~ group or other Lucky Chair groups — just teleport your friends.

Available at the ~silentsparrow~ main shop

Luck comes in threes
The Rosey Caged Bird Lolita
Luck comes in threes
The Minty Caged Bird Jacket
Luck comes in threes
The Silvery Sylvan Suit

Dress for Dominion

Dress for Dominion

Match your decadently suited mate in the Dominion Suite. Sweep into any event with your long, bustled skirt flowing behind you, or hike your skirts up to lolita-length to reveal your formidable boots. The suit jacket is elegantly daring, but the proper puffed-sleeve shirt is suitable for the most modest of occasions. There are 14 pieces total, including gloves and stockings and glitch pants, in eight colors: violet, sea, ash, kelly, azure, blood, rust, and wine.

hyasynth says:
it’s available at the main shop AND (if you want to avoid lag from the Lucky Chair) at Calico Ingmann Creations just as you rez into Calico to your right. Calico’s Adorable Raven hair is of course available there! [ Calico Ingmann Creations SLURL ]
<3 hya

Available at the ~silentsparrow~ main shop, and on OnRez.

Dress for Dominion

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