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Pumpkins Lucky Chair Suite

October 30, 2008

Pumpkins Lucky Chair Suite

hyasynth says:

Some of my favorite people in SL really adore orange, so in their honor and in keeping with the season, I’d like to present the new Pumpkins Lucky Chair Suite.

The suite includes:
A lovely orangey russet version of Cygne
Accent pieces from the Toxine lolita.
17 pieces total.
(And yes for those without the time to battle for the suite, It can be purchased right next to the chair!)

The suit has the plush collar and ornate brocade of the original Cygne, but in a lovely wash of autumnal colors. The tails sweep around one’s feet…but if you’re in the mood for a shorter pair of pants to show off the stockings, there are a pair of adorable hot-pants in the set as well. The Toxine stockings have gear and cog designs along one’s leg, and all together it’s well worth the wait for the letter! (Of course, being Q, I managed to snag it already. ;) Don’t kill me.)

You can find it at the ~silentsparrow~ main shop.

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