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New Maida suite at ~silentsparrow~

December 22, 2008

New Maida suite at ~silentsparrow~

Maida nodded. “You don’t have to worry about all the very serious things that we do.”
“Such as?” Jilly asked.
“Why do pigs fly?”
“And why is yellow ochre a colour?” Maida offered.
“Yellow ochre is a colour,” Jilly said. “Two colours, actually. And white and black are colours, too. Though I suppose they’re not very colourful, are they?”
Maida simply smiled and held out her tea cup. “May I have a refill, please?”
— Charles de Lint, A Crow Girls Christmas

Like the proud fall of a crow’s tail, the Maida suite embraces and reveals your legs in a descent of brocaded silk, fastening around pants that are revealing, cute or demure as the mood takes you. The underbust over the hip length corset is topped by a shrug and a buckle-accented brassiere, many parts to play with for warm winter nights by the fire…

The suite comes in seventeen pieces, including garters, two belts, three options of pants, and multiple layers for the corset, buckled wrist cuffs, stockings, bra and shrug — this makes mixing and matching a delight.

You can find it at the ~silentsparrow~ main shop.

New Maida suite at ~silentsparrow~

This set is available in TWO permissions options.

mod/copy/notransfer AND mod/trans/nocopy!

(For the transferable gift version buy the version with the matching colored gift icon near the set.)

Gift Versions also come with a gift box with the set for gifting.

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  1. Ilianexsi permalink
    December 25, 2008 4:08 pm

    Oh my… you’ve done it again, hya! The Fawn Edition of this set is just gorgeous. I love it! :)

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