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Possum lives!

January 18, 2009

Possum lives!

We’re happy to welcome a cute new addition to the ~silentsparrow~ line, a shoulder-friend named Possum. He’s previously been seen lurking about on ads and signs, and finally asked hyasynth if he could exist in a few more dimensions.

Therefore, Possum lives! In six different colors — lemonade, grape, lime, candy, blueberry and anise (a red/black mix that hya says is the least flirtatious of the colors). The scripted version of Possum can make six expressions if you touch him (normal : flowery : dead : sleepy : angry : dizzy), and Possum can be resized via the same menu.

Huge thanks to my friends/models for coming to my aid at such a late hour (Sakura, Acha, Elric, Alle, Terra) and special extra thanks to Allegory for making the expression change a reality with her scripting magic. There is a bonus unscripted display version included.

Available in Mod/Copy/No Trans and Mod/No Copy/Trans at the ~silentsparrow~ main store.

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