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New Shruggie separate from ~silentsparrow~

March 4, 2009

New Shruggie separate from ~silentsparrow~

With thanks to Violet Voltaire for modeling! She is also wearing parts from the ~silentsparrow~ Maida outfit in (ash).

~silentsparrow~ is happy to wrap you in warm, sultry sweaters all Spring long. This one, the Shruggie, sits above your bosom to warm your shoulders and arms with sculpted striped belle sleeves and a sculpted collar. It sits perfectly above another separate found in the shop, the Fond Affections bustier!

hya says: A bit like the *snugs* sweaters more ummm saucey sister. (that’s if you forget your corset) (eep)

It comes in six colors — (:creme:sea:ash:lime:violet:blood:), and is available in mod/copy/notrans and mod/no/copy trans versions from the ~silentsparrow~ main shop.

New Shruggie separate from ~silentsparrow~

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