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-Aesthete- waistcoat from ~silentsparrow~

March 27, 2009

-Aesthete- waistcoat from ~silentsparrow~

With thanks to Allegory Malaprop and her little sister Parable Solipsism for modeling the waistcoats!

hyasynth says:

Due to many requests, here finally is a ~silentsparrow~ waistcoat, the -Aesthete-. Created from a subtly patterned brocade with stitching details, it comes with silver/jet/copper button options.

The waistcoat also features a sculpted cravat with 4 textures options (coal/cream/silver/rust), a dramatic collar, and sculpted lapels – please see the many options below! The cravat also has a lovely (also optional) brooch with 16 gem and three metal choices.

The -Aesthete- is perfect for wearing under your ~silentsparrow~ suits for a little variety, or on its own for a more sexy look.

It comes in eight colors and is available at the ~silentsparrow~ main shop (Shop SLURL).


New -Aesthete- waistcoat from ~silentsparrow~

New -Aesthete- waistcoat from ~silentsparrow~

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  1. Kobo Barracuda permalink
    March 27, 2009 10:04 am

    The most valuable single clothing selection in the entire catalog. Buy the uberpack and I guarantee you will find a use for this waistcoat with almost any ~silentsparrow~ outfit you own.

    Bravo Hya!

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