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~silentsparrow~ collaborates with (Shiny Things)

April 23, 2009

~silentsparrow~ collaborates with (Shiny Things)

Fallingwater Cellardoor of (Shiny Things) created a pair of flower-accented maryjanes named hyasynths in red and black. They are wonderfully clompy, with a wavy stacked heel that elegantly cups your feet. In honor of these shoes, hyasynth made a dress to accentuate them called Selador (see this wikipedia entry to explain the name).

The Selador hearkens back to the vintage shape and line of ~silentsparrow’s~ Flaneuse suite, reviving the beautifully textured monochrome with a glowing combination of leather and brocade. The jacket has three-quarter length sleeves with options for a modest or cut-out pannier. The revealing version is excellent for layering with corsets or bras (or the included pasties), and the skirt comes in a vintage circle-skirt line or slim, elegant pencil shape.

Selador comes in nine pieces and is on sale along with the hyasynths at the ~silentsparrow~ main shop.

~silentsparrow~ collaborates with (Shiny Things)

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