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New ~silentsparrow~ ink!

May 31, 2009


hyasynth says:

This week, drawing ideas kept popping into my mind. Violent splashes of blackbird, harts, tudor roses…Images only fit for skin and imagination. Therefore, we have the first ~silentsparrow~ tattoo set!

@ Crowjane: Crows and skeleton keys with subtle creeping swirls. Also looks glorious on male avatars!

@ Hart.thistle&thorn: A cautionary tale of medieval lust, beautiful but painful thistles and bees twisted with hart’s antlers. Tintable to any color, including white, and comes with bonus bee hands.

@ Tudor.rose: Vibrant tudor roses with complimentary leafy vines. Roses in lovely but unnatural color harmonies. Upper body only, but comes in five colors.

I hope you like them, because it was lovely to have an excuse to break out the ink and paper this week!

All are copy/mod/no trans, and 299L on all of the layers at the ~silentsparrow~ main shop.

There have been a few lovely posts in these tattoos from Azazeal (in crowjane), Sakuradawn (also in crowjane ), and Achariya (in tudor.rose and hart.thistle&thorn), And the sultry and spooky Mourna (in crowjane)!

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