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~silentsparrow~ Lucky Chair returns!

July 24, 2009

~silentsparrow~ Lucky Chair returns!

The lucky bird has returned. It brings two different complete outfits with it, the Bunting dress suite and Bunting suit. The dress suite has eleven pieces from various ~silentsparrow~ ensembles, all in a lovely shade of blue — a jacket, two skirts, a corset, pasties, bloomers, a tattoo, and more.

The suit is perfect for gentlemen or ladies, with fourteen pieces including prims for women and men, two pants options, a jacket with prim tails and a longer jacket-layer shirt. All of these are from the voltaire suit, and also come in a fabulous shade of blue.

The two outfits can be won intermittently from the ~silentsparrow~ lucky chair, and are on sale for 300L each next to the chair for those who don’t want to wait!

Please remember to activate your ~silentsparrow~ group tag!

(The outfits were displayed in a very pretty way on SL*FreeStyle by Ashia and Boy-Achariya, and Girl-Achariya and Terry.)

Available at the ~silentsparrow~ main shop.

~silentsparrow~ Lucky Chair returns!

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