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~Stumbling in Pink~

December 20, 2009

It’s my turn on the Stumblebum Brigade. And this weekend Allegory (of Schadenfreude awesomeness) and I are up to no good and bringing you Exclusive hot pink and black things. Which are only available this weekend. Allegory with batty themed Strix corset, Striges skirts, and Moroi jacket & myself with,*clears her throat* hand illustrated Pink elephants with Parasols  patches on the Knitty sweaters & arm warmers.! Also candy pink star versions of the velvety Gloomy pants. (no star version in the set also). Sweaters come with adorable hand/back tattoos as a bonus not in the ads.  Everything matches nicely in the same yummy pink from both places! You can get my offerings @ ~silentsparrow~ and Allegory’s @ Schadenfreude. There are 8 other designers participating you can pick up the list of LM’s in shop!

Also… I may have received a new cat friend as an early holiday present.

He is super sweet &  purring sleepily right now in my lap giving me the. “Really I don’t see what’s so interesting about that glowing box” look.

(not fashion related Kasey picture below!)

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