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Wild Released!~Lysi~

March 25, 2010

~Lysi~ for Wild Released!

The Wild Released Stamp Hunt has been going on for a few days,  but I’m always a few days behind.

All is well though, as I can remind you to make sure and do this!

The Prizes are just wonderful & from some of my personal favorite designers.

It’s a simple task – Buy something from a vendor with a Wild released logo on it.

(At ~silentsparrow~ or any of the participating shops!)

(The new Henley Tops I’ve yet to blog are rather reasonable, versatile & have stamp cards)

Inside there will be a stamp card hud, Wear the hud, Visit all the shops & “stamp” your card.

Turn in for Prizes! Easy Peasy!

(more info here!)

This is a deer taxidermy drawing I did that has nothing to do with the above post.

I thought they complimented each other well. :D


Achariya, Mourna and Tearsong all looking particularly lovely in Lysi!

~Lysi~  is the naughty sister to this suit  ~Lysander~

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