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Limited Edition ~Corbie Suits~

February 15, 2011

~Limited Edition Corbie Suits~

(includes prim parts fitted for both male and female avs also scripted resize AND modify)

This is the first new suit I’ve created in *gulp* almost 6 months!

It’s a true work of love as it features my favorite corvids ravens amongst spiraling brocade on the jacket with long belted prim tails, a cozy velvety sweater and velvety jeans in the same motif. matching gloves, and a locket style brooch. (currently with my photo *laughs* please please do change that!) oh yes and some black socks (yes Elric those are in there for you!)

I know i’ve been quiet… but in this set, I believe I’ve found my muse again. *holds her very very carefully*

I hope you love it as much as I do.


All limited edition colors are currently available on the SLmarketplaceGhost is SOLD OUT in the shop so you must get it there if you want it. If you have any trouble with a delivery please send me an IM in world I’ll fix it in a jiffy. (Yes I know the marketplace can be a beast but it’s the easiest solution for gifting)


it’s 500L AND it comes in a special hya-brocaded version of Miss Allegory Malaprop’s awesome Glass Bird.

a few remain @ the main shop


Achariya did an awesome blog post about the brass color over at It’s only Fashion. (link!)

Elric did a blush inducing blog post about the sea and blood shades. (link!)

/end super long blog  post of doom!


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  1. Gracie Dartmouth permalink
    February 15, 2011 5:40 am

    Yay! Thank you! :D Now I have something amazing to wear for next week, in the 52 Weeks of Color! :D *giddy*

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