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new! ~Corbie Suites~ @ ~silentsparrow~

May 4, 2011



~NEW! Corbie Suites!~
The matching set to the Corbie Suits released previously.

Soft velvet with crow and filigree detailing.
22 pieces total for a multitude of possible outfits.
(even more when mixed with the suit!)

Available @ the ~silentsparrow~ main shop.

& on the SLmarketplace!

Each set includes:

  • long velvet corset with crow & spiral details.
  • ball gown skirts & long flowing fantasy sleeves
  • garters, knee socks, long fingerless gloves, panties
  • tutu and adorable dolly style “woofy” skirt
  • cropped velvety sweater with sculpted collar & cuffs



Freyja rocking  Blood in true vamp style: here!

Brandy looking adorable and satyr-y in the Azure:  here!

Acha also super cute and goaty in the Azure: here!

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