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New! “Stuffed” Animal Art from ~silentsparrow~

February 7, 2012

New! “Stuffed” Animal Art for Flux

– an awesome group of designers creating on a theme, this month’s theme being Mardi Gras. Hence my wicked colorful outfit!

Yes I’m horrible with being very on theme. But can’t you just imagine them lined up along a sagging staircase in an old farm house being reclaimed by the swamp?

There are seven total original “stuffed” plush animal illustrations in sculpted oval frames which are hud controlled to texture change to 12 options. (tinting the white = any color you would like too!)

m/t/nc for the individual sets – (umm because we all know someone in love with unicorns, or narwhals, or umm *cough* goats…)

m/c/nt for the uber pack.


SLURL to Flux : HERE!

other items in the photo @ Flux.

corset/fan/gold bird beads by Schadenfreude for Flux

purple beads by Balderdash for Flux

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