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New Home & Retirement Sale!

July 3, 2012


Zomg new home! Yes birdlings and feather-less friends ~silentsparrow~ has moved (along with some fellow Starlust-ians) to Twomoons Island.

A new home calls for a retirement sale! Out with the old, in with the new – this goat girl needs more room.

Lots of old favorite suits are on their way to the vault of NO RETURN.

Along the widows walk of the shop is a wide assortment of classic ~silentsparrow~ pieces for very very discounted prices. (like 25 piece suites for 50L)

You can also deliver some of these items via SLMarketplace here. (sorting priced lowest to highest works pretty well for that by the way)

– Once the sale is over these lovelies will be gone forever so if you have a favorite you want to share with your various alts – this is the day!

There is a teleport in the shop that looks like the adorable bat sign just below here that will drop you in the midst of the sake.

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