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The Starlust Monster Beach Party!

October 30, 2012

It’s almost time for the beaches of Twomoons Island to shut down – Winter is coming after all.

But it is NOT too late for you to visit the awesome-sauce Starlust Monster Beach Party.

I’ve made these adorable mesh decorative pennants. Each set features an original illustration by me. :D

(I’m partial to the purple very judgmental looking cat or the jackalope…who i’m pretty sure just tooted.)

They are original mesh and only 1Land Impact for a strand of  5!

Get yours here!SLURL to the Monster Beach Party!

(close up of one piece of the Jackalope M-aww-nster Pennants. )

Uni-ees! Plush Mesh Unicorns :D Now in more Flavors!

September 21, 2012

 ~Uni-ees!~ in 7 adorable flavors.

::Plush Mesh Unicorns ::

with 3 Versions : Display/Holding/Hugging with Optional Horn Sparkle!

get them now @ the ~silentsparrow~ main shop!

Owl-ee! Mesh Plush for Fifty Linden Fridays

July 6, 2012

My first ever mesh release!  An original wacky hya owl creation. >SLURL HERE<  for Fifty Linden Fridays.

Huge thanks to the SL residents who recorded hoots for me! Making this a super awesome plush owl. <3


New Home & Retirement Sale!

July 3, 2012


Zomg new home! Yes birdlings and feather-less friends ~silentsparrow~ has moved (along with some fellow Starlust-ians) to Twomoons Island.

A new home calls for a retirement sale! Out with the old, in with the new – this goat girl needs more room.

Lots of old favorite suits are on their way to the vault of NO RETURN.

Along the widows walk of the shop is a wide assortment of classic ~silentsparrow~ pieces for very very discounted prices. (like 25 piece suites for 50L)

You can also deliver some of these items via SLMarketplace here. (sorting priced lowest to highest works pretty well for that by the way)

– Once the sale is over these lovelies will be gone forever so if you have a favorite you want to share with your various alts – this is the day!

There is a teleport in the shop that looks like the adorable bat sign just below here that will drop you in the midst of the sake.

New! “Stuffed” Animal Art from ~silentsparrow~

February 7, 2012

New! “Stuffed” Animal Art for Flux

– an awesome group of designers creating on a theme, this month’s theme being Mardi Gras. Hence my wicked colorful outfit!

Yes I’m horrible with being very on theme. But can’t you just imagine them lined up along a sagging staircase in an old farm house being reclaimed by the swamp?

There are seven total original “stuffed” plush animal illustrations in sculpted oval frames which are hud controlled to texture change to 12 options. (tinting the white = any color you would like too!)

m/t/nc for the individual sets – (umm because we all know someone in love with unicorns, or narwhals, or umm *cough* goats…)

m/c/nt for the uber pack.


SLURL to Flux : HERE!

other items in the photo @ Flux.

corset/fan/gold bird beads by Schadenfreude for Flux

purple beads by Balderdash for Flux

New! Sugar Pop Tattoos @ ~silentsparrow~

October 18, 2011

::Limited Edition Carny & Poison Sugar Pop Tattoos!::

20 piece set featuring my original sugary sweet artwork and spooky spirals.

Includes fresh, faded, and glitter! versions.

Adorable face tattoos not shown in the ad but you can see an example ::here:: of the pumpkin face tats.

(Carny and Pois0n come in their own heart shaped circus-y inspired matching pillow.)

6 regular stock versions also ::pumpkin::candy::grape::cherry::licorice::slime:: available. see them here , here & here.

Limited Editions are only available @ the main shop  All others available there & on the SLmarketplace.

less tricks more treats!


(many thanks to Allegory for rolling about in a girl pile with me and making an excellent sparklecandyvampire)

New! lucky bird set & a little gift for ~twittery birds~

August 12, 2011

New! ~sweety~ Lucky Bird Suite

Often requested in more colors.  Mourna in a pretty blue + an extra stripey tutu.

& Fledermaus Tattoos in a matching hue.

(also available for purchase if your an impatient sort)

~Merricat Wallpapers~

Seamless/Original Illustrations/6 variations/M/C/NT

You must be a member of the ~silentsparrow~ twittery bird VIP group to obtain these pretties.

Pick them up in the courtyard @ the main shop. —> Here!

Magic Doves for Ozimals Summer Carnival!

August 11, 2011

Three new treats featuring silly magic dove illustrations by me. :)

ONLY available @ the Ozimals Summer Carnival —> SLURL

New! Treats Tanks & Shorts @ ~silentsparrow~

July 1, 2011

::Treats Tanks & Shorts::

12 Variations available

Match the socks from
The Bird of Random Socks
(as seen here)

m/c/nt on all layers
Gift versions ALSO available with m/nc/trans perms :D
original illustrations.

made of cute!

pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~

OR on SL Marketplace

Thanks to Allegory and Acha for the wicked cool roller derby photos :D

see the rest of their post over here @ Allegory’s tumblr.

New Tweet Socks @ ~silentsparrow~

June 20, 2011

~Tweet Socks~

30 pairs of birdie themed over the knee knit socks featuring original illustrations.

:Peacocks : Quails : Pidgys : Chicken (yes, Chickens ): Crows:

2 color options per set – 50L each set


Buy the uber pack of all 30 pairs for a discounted price.

Uber pack comes with free birdie wall stickers :D

available @ the main shop.